cropped-logo-brian-3d.pngFor 5 years, Brian, an athletic and social dynamo, has continued to impress fans with his burgeoning skills on the basketball court in INMAC. He also plays tennis and soccer, along with track and field in Astoria Park. At only 11 years old, he is the vice chairman of the Kids Chamber and assistant at his mother’s mediSPA business, where he’s become adept at customer relations and answering phone calls when he’s needed.

He haves been an active member of INMAC Knights of Columbus SQUIRES Council 11449, Youth Organization from 2014 with Mr. Mario Maza, This organization involves young men in programs to benefit the church and the community, as well as in recreational and social activities.

Brian decided he wanted to develop a unique channel where he would try to communicate with kids and their families about how to take advantage of new technology in a positive way. Aside from just video games, Brian focuses on entertainment, health, legos, wellness, art, sports, special recipes and various challenges.