Sports boost Self-Esteem

My passion for sports has changed my life. Many positive things have crossed my way since I realized how passionate I am about different sports. One of them is that I was able to decide what I want to focus my career on, that is being a sports TV presenter. Playing basketball made me realize … Read more

Benefits of being a Sport Fan

Have you been in the place where your friends aren’t available to hang out on champion’s league season? For instance, I disappear when the NBA season starts! What about you? Being a sports fan doesn’t mean you’re expected to know all the players and their personal life, we are not talking about band fans, it … Read more

Benefits of competitive Sports

As you know, ever since I was a child I have always played sports. I’ve played basketball, swimming, soccer and athletics; my days have gone around sports practices and games through the years. Being so involved in sports really had me think about how important it is for someone to be a part of a … Read more