Workout Routine at Home

Keep active in quarantine! Physical activity contributes to both our physical and mental health, especially when you´re stock at home. Therefore, I want to provide a workout routine that you can do at home: A great bodyweight workout would include squats, push-ups, walking lunges (one with each leg), plank rotations (one on each side) and … Read more

How can I make exercise part of my regular routine?

Quarantine makes it easier to get enough time to workout at home, however, in regular terms, with school, homework, extracurricular activities, and everything else going on, we usually don´t have enough time to work out. In previous blogs we spoke about the importance of integrating exercise to our lifestyle. I will give you some tips … Read more

Las redes sociales se están tomando al mundo

A) Introduccion Las redes sociales se han adueñado del mundo. Existen muchos tipos de medios sociales, pero en general los medios sociales son sitios web y aplicaciones que permiten a los usuarios crear y compartir contenido ya sea social o profesioanl a publicar en las redes sociales. B) Hay muchas plataformas de redes sociales. Los … Read more

Party on The Hudson For Puerto Rico & Mexico

Party on The Hudson For Puerto Rico & Mexico YouTube sensation Brian Sanchez Asks You to Donate to the Boat Cruise Fundraiser for Puerto Rico and Mexico Disaster Relief. September 25th 2017 – Tech talent, Brian Sanchez, CEO of Brian 3D online, is directing his generosity toward helping those severely affected by the torrential hurricanes … Read more

My Summer Sports

My Summer Sports COMMUNITY THROUGH SPORTS, ARTS, COMMUNITY BUILDING, CITY PARKS FOUNDATION MAKES PARKS VIBRANT CENTERS OF AND ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR NEW YORKERS ACROSS ALL FIVE BOROUGHS. City Parks Foundation is delighted to present the 2017 season of Summer Stage, New York City’s largest free outdoor performing arts festival, bringing more than 100 performances … Read more

New Free IPad Games Apps For Kids

New Free IPad Games Apps For Kids Playing video games is a favorite past time of most kids who have an IPad, so it makes gaining access to new games a hot commodity. Some parents may not understand why their children spend so many hours on their devices trying to “beat the game”, but it’s … Read more

Healthy Snacks You Kids Should Love

Healthy Snacks You Kids Should Love What kid doesn’t love potato chips, candy, fried food and all of the snacks that fall into the category of junk food? Well, parents don’t give up on your kids. For some time you’ve tried to encourage them to make healthier snack choices, but it’s been a game of … Read more