Benefits of being a Sport Fan

Have you been in the place where your friends aren’t available to hang out on champion’s league season?

For instance, I disappear when the NBA season starts! What about you?

Being a sports fan doesn’t mean you’re expected to know all the players and their personal life, we are not talking about band fans, it is more about standing together in the name of the team you and your friends like before highs and lows of the games. This common feeling will strengthen ties and help us feel supported anytime, which will end up making it easier for you to open up about personal things.

It inspires you to get active.

Whenever I watch my favorite basketball team play, I’m inspired to call my friends, go to the field and play a good basketball game. It doesn’t mean I’m a professional player, but watching them makes me want to be better and motivates me to keep active. You’d be surprised the power effect sports have on us, the more we connect to a sport, the more likely it will influence us in every aspect of our life.

You’ll live longer and happier.

It’s nice to have a weekly meeting where you feel connected and part of a group because maintaining a strong social network, especially a healthy one, improves your chance of living longer by 50% according to researchers. The main reason is that supportive friendships can help you reduce stress, whether your team loses or wins, your friends will cheer you up.

It will make you smarter.

That’s right! Watching sports will not only improve your communication and organization, but also keep your brain working during all games, probably developing strategies that help your team to win. According to studies, Sports fans develop brain activity in motor areas associated with planning, controlling, and performing. This suggests that spectator sports can help you absorb and digest information.

Well, being a sports fan has more benefits than you think, especially when it comes to strengthening relationships with your peers as it creates an immediate sense of family. Even if you don’t know another person, when you see that he is a fan of the same team as you, there´s an instant connection. So, what sport are you a fan of?

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