Sports boost Self-Esteem

My passion for sports has changed my life. Many positive things have crossed my way since I realized how passionate I am about different sports. One of them is that I was able to decide what I want to focus my career on, that is being a sports TV presenter. Playing basketball made me realize … Read more

Benefits of being a Sport Fan

Have you been in the place where your friends aren’t available to hang out on champion’s league season? For instance, I disappear when the NBA season starts! What about you? Being a sports fan doesn’t mean you’re expected to know all the players and their personal life, we are not talking about band fans, it … Read more

Benefits of competitive Sports

As you know, ever since I was a child I have always played sports. I’ve played basketball, swimming, soccer and athletics; my days have gone around sports practices and games through the years. Being so involved in sports really had me think about how important it is for someone to be a part of a … Read more

Workout Routine at Home

Keep active in quarantine! Physical activity contributes to both our physical and mental health, especially when you´re stock at home. Therefore, I want to provide a workout routine that you can do at home: A great bodyweight workout would include squats, push-ups, walking lunges (one with each leg), plank rotations (one on each side) and … Read more

How can I make exercise part of my regular routine?

Quarantine makes it easier to get enough time to workout at home, however, in regular terms, with school, homework, extracurricular activities, and everything else going on, we usually don´t have enough time to work out. In previous blogs we spoke about the importance of integrating exercise to our lifestyle. I will give you some tips … Read more