How Kids Learn About Money Through Board Games

How Kids Learn About Money Through Board Games Of course money is nothing to play around with, but for decades kids have learned about money by playing some popular games that their parents played as kids. Who knew that while they were rolling the dice and moving their player pieces around a colorful montage of … Read more

Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise

Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise Since physical education has been removed from the curriculum in most schools across America, it’s been difficult to get children to engage in any physical activity, unless they’re on a sports team. In fact many kids don’t even run and play outside anymore. The majority of them … Read more

Protect Your Kids on Social Media

How to Protect Your Kids on Social Media You may marvel at your child’s prowess on social media and have no problem with them sharing pictures and comments online, but you should be aware of the risks that social networks pose for kids. Just because they’re not physically coming in contact with the people they’re … Read more

Brian 3D Gets Superstar Marketing Advice

Brian 3D Gets Superstar Marketing Advice From International Lead Generators 3D2B YouTube sensation Brian Sanchez, aka Brian 3D, is delighting his fans by getting worldwide exposure for his positive messages about technology, entertainment and wellness. With the help of his mother, Idalis Bailey, president marketing specialist of RITMAC, Renew Marketing International Tools, he has been … Read more

Reconocimiento a Frank Garcia

COALICIÓN DE CÁMARAS HISPANAS DE COMERCIO DEL ESTADO DE NUEVA YORK RECONOCIÓ A FRANK GARCíA EN UN ELEGANTE Y EMOTIVO EVENTO El miércoles 16 de noviembre se realizó un elegante evento en el exclusivo Club DV del diseñador italiano Domenico Vacca, ubicado en la calle 55 y Quinta Ave. de Manhattan, en el cual se reconoció … Read more

Press Release: Kids Debate

Brian 3D Online Wows Parents with The Kids Debate Young Tech Mastermind, Brian Sanchez, Encourages Kids To Express Their Political Views Brian Sanchez, president and CEO of Brian 3D Online has delighted audiences by announcing his first ever KIDS Debate, where young people will give their perspective on the upcoming 2016 U.S. Presidential election between … Read more