Brian 3D Gets Superstar Marketing Advice

Brian 3D Gets Superstar Marketing Advice From International Lead Generators 3D2B

YouTube sensation Brian Sanchez, aka Brian 3D, is delighting his fans by getting worldwide exposure for his positive messages about technology, entertainment and wellness. With the help of his mother, Idalis Bailey, president marketing specialist of RITMAC, Renew Marketing International Tools, he has been able to promote his brand and appeal to audiences on a national and international stage. Recently, he caught the attention of Jeff Kalter and Sabrina Ferraioli, owners of 3D2B Marketing Services. They were so impressed with his tenacity and commitment in helping children and their parents understand new technology, that they agreed to sit down with him for an exclusive interview.

Jeff Kalter
Sabrina Ferraioli

Jeff and Sabrina of 3D2B Marketing Services have become global leaders in customer acquisition and lead generation services. And for over 20 years they have provided strategic, efficient, and personalized B2B solutions for some of the most prominent IT companies in the world. Their willingness to share professional marketing advice with Brian has become a groundbreaking opportunity for him. Not only will he be able to promote his brand across multiple platforms, he will able to branch out in the United States and internationally.

Jeff and Sabrina agreed to assist Brian with techniques that will help him grow and visualize better ways to promote himself. So, he comprised a list of questions for Jeff and Sabrina that he thought would specifically help him on his journey to success.

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