Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise

Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise

Since physical education has been removed from the curriculum in most schools across America, it’s been difficult to get children to engage in any physical activity, unless they’re on a sports team. In fact many kids don’t even run and play outside anymore. The majority of them are glued to their video games, ipads, phones or television and this problem is getting worse. Childhood obesity has tripled since the 1970s, especially between the ages of 6-9.

Because so many kids are not exercising regularly and don’t have a well balanced diet, they’re at risk of developing the disease at an early age. They also may be subject to other chronic health conditions. The most common diseases are sleep apnea, diabetes, asthma, joint problems and heart disease. So, it’s imperative that kids participate in some sort of physical activity during each week. It may not be easy to coax them into a jog or jumping jacks, but there are ways to make it fun. In fact, they may not realize that they’re actually doing something fabulous for their health.

Here are some fun ways for your kids to get motivated and get moving:

Ride or walk at every chance

Leave your ipads at home and take a walk with the family or go for a hike in the nearest park. You could also grab your bikes and ride to the store, instead driving. You’ll burn some calories and get errands done at the same time.

Go sporting or plan parties

Get the family involved with a sport, which requires playing on a team. The kids will have fun cheering for each other as they aim to score for a win. Plan parties that get kids moving like a skating party, pool party, rock climbing or laser tag.

Dance while you do chores

Put some music on and dance, dance, dance. You can make doing chores an exciting task if you allow your kids to turn up the volume on their favorite songs and really move to the beat. And if you want to go an extra step, hold a dance contest right in your living room. You can choose the prize that the winner will get.

Join a race

Get involved in the next 5K or 10k race. There are a ton of organizations that sponsor them on the weekend. Check your community calendar and get your family signed up.

Parents and guardians should set an example and exercise right along with their kids. They’ll be much healthier and so will you.

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