How Teenagers can create a Sport Reporting Career?

One of my biggest dreams is to become a recognized sports reporter and I´m working on it. Sports reporting career is perceived as an exciting profession, but can also be a demanding job. Like any other career, you should expect stiff competition for the top jobs and require a lifetime professional preparation. If you, as me, want to build a sport reporting career, I will give you some tips based on my personal experience:

Build your academic experience around becoming a sports reporter:

Study journalism, English literature, photography, sports medicine and take as many writing classes as possible. Coach or officiate sports in your community and volunteer to work in a support capacity for a school team.

Gain experience by working for your school newspaper and/or radio station:

Approach every opportunity to cover a sporting event as an opportunity to sharpen your skills and demonstrate your abilities. Set your sights on ultimately becoming the sports editor of the college newspaper or a similar job at the radio station.

Establish a sports blog or website:

Report on local amateur sports or provide commentary on pro-teams. Study sports reporters you admire, but work to develop your own style.

Use social media to call attention to your work by doing the following: Update your online content regularly, focus on professionalism and accuracy, include a bio and photo to increase your exposure and invite others to contribute.

Create a resume tailored to your objective, and apply to local media outlets to work in any sports-related editorial role:

Contact editors or station managers and note that you are eager to learn the trade and willing to pay your dues. This could involve an internship or covering local youth leagues for a community newspaper. Write an opinion essay concerning sports and submit it for publication to major newspapers.

Showcase your best work in online and hard copy portfolios:

Include articles written for the school newspapers or other published samples. If pursuing a radio or TV career, create an audio or video “demo reel” that positions you as a serious and poised communicator who is highly knowledgeable about sports. A collection of professional quality samples will enable you to make the leap to a full time professional sports reporter.

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