How to build a Sport Routine

Building a sport routine is not easy, you will need to commit yourself and be disciplined, that is why I want to show you how to build a new sport routine and make it sustainable in the long term. I assume that you read my previous articles, I already gave you some ideas on how to start. But this blog is about how to build your routine from pleasure until success. How to set up your sport routine:

1) You need to find Pleasure.

Think about it for a moment, how many people do you think are regularly running and actively hate it?

Find pleasure, or even better create it. That’s the key to success not only in sport but also at work or any other life fields.

2) Repetition is a key to the routine.

To set up a routine, you need to make sure that some things in your life are STABLE.

Repetition is the key, try to train every single day, even just 30 minutes. Eventually you won’t be even thinking whether you feel like training or not, because it will be so obvious for you.

3) Set a Clear, reachable goal and supported it with determination.

– Limiting expectations, it is not about how many times you workout, just by working out you are succeeding, nothing else matters!

– Motivation, think in what motivates you to do exercises. For instance, proper training increases my energy levels, so I´m aware that without sports in my life, I wouldn´t feel as energized as I feel after working out.

Sport is a must, always remember that. No matter what you do, you need to mix it into your daily schedule.

See these 3 tips that might be helpful when starting training:

Tip 1: Don’t stress about super intensive training, first develop pleasure.

Tip 2: To avoid colic, don’t eat anything within at least 2 hours before the training.

Tip 3: Before you go to sleep, every day, pack your gym bag and leave it at the doors.

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