The benefits of playing basketball often

My mom has always told me that if I play basketball, I will grow taller and stronger; well, she is actually right! I am starting to see the results of practicing this sport in my body. But apart from just growing taller and stronger, this sport also offers you a variety of health benefits. I did research, so let me share with you some facts:

Boosts Cardiovascular Health

As you keep moving, your heart rate increases which makes basketball great for your heart health. It also helps in building endurance, which is important when you want to make sure that your heart is healthy. It will help lower the risk of stroke and heart disease later in your life.

Burns Calories

All the quick lateral movements, running and jumping, gives you an aerobic workout that in turn can help you burn a lot of calories. For every hour of basketball, a person can burn from 600 to 900 calories approximately.

Creates Bone Strength

Both the muscles and bones in your body become stronger with basketball as it is a physical activity that involves the tugging and pushing of muscles against bone. It allows the formation of new bone tissue, and this in turn makes the bones stronger.

Promotes The Immune System

Playing sports helps reduce stress. Basketball also helps decrease stress and makes you more social, which in turns helps in preventing depression.

Provides Strength Training

By playing basketball, you are able to develop muscles, including your lower back, neck, deltoids, traps and core muscles. Also, the movements like shooting and dribbling help strengthen your arms, hand muscles and wrist flexors.

Develops Better Coordination And Motor Skills

When you play this sport, it gives you the training to help develop hand-eye coordination as well as full-body coordination skills.


Always warm up and stretch your joints and muscles before you hit the court. Make it a point to stretch and cool down after a game as well.

It is important to have plenty of fluids on hand so that you can rehydrate your body at regular intervals.

If you are looking to play a sport that gives you multiple benefits, both physically and mentally, this is the one for you.

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