The Kids Debate 2016 was a Clear Winner in Manhattan, NY

The Kids Debate 2016 was a Clear Winner in Manhattan, NY

Brian Sanchez Thanks the Sponsors, Supporters and Guests That Helped Make His Event A Fabulous Success!

November 8, 2016 – Manhattan, N.Y. An official gratitude of thanks has been extended by Brian Sanchez of Brian 3D online to the Sponsors, VIP guests, invited attendees and supporters of his First Kids Debate. The event was held this past Sunday, November 6th at  exclusive Domenico Vacca in Manhattan, NY, where Brian served as moderator. He received an incredible support by the chairman of the NYSCHCC Frank Garcia fellow members of the Kids Chamber of Commerce, an organization where he currently serves as vice chairperson of the Chamber, Egypt Ufele, as chairperson and David Harris as President.


The Kid’s Debate was an amazing experience to behold, as the participating kids engaged in various challenging questions and delivered their answers with clarity, confidence and enthusiasm. Although, this concept is new in theory, Brian Sanchez was able to exemplify the importance of kids’ political opinions and how important their concerns are about the governing of their country.

Brian Sanchez

Brian feels especially grateful to God for blessing him with this incredible opportunity, and providing the assistance of his mother Idalis Bailey, who worked tirelessly to bring the event to fruition. He would like to offer a special thanks to VIP sponsor Domenico Vacca, celebrated New York fashion designer, who is responsible for dressing screen icons like Glenn Close, Jeremy Piven and Denzel Washington. With Mr. Vacca’s help, Brian was able to realize his dream to assemble a unique audience of young citizens his own age in a place where they can express their own views about the presidential election.

The idea was derived from a homework assignment given to Brian by his teacher, Mr. John Shea of Immaculate Conception. Surprisingly, the task was to only provide a summary of the presidential debate, but Brian was inspired to expound on the project and initiate the First Kid’s Debate.

More thanks go out to Infinito stereo 88.9 FM Sr. Mauricio Vega, RTLB Richi Torres, Director of Video, Luis Miguel Studio and his family. Brian also appreciates the support of his young special invited VIP guests: Egypt Ify Ufele, Sophia Garrido, Dowe Twins – Brazil & Princeton, Niyireth Valdes, Jordan “Salserin”, Hyjiah Conde, Robert Fisher, David Harris Jr., Chloe Dieudonne Pope, Savannah Banana and everyone who attended the event.

Brian Sanchez is a social media whiz kid on the rise, with his company Brian3D online, where he highlights the fascinating elements of entertainment, health, legos, wellness, art, sports and special recipes on his Youtube channel. Get Ready! The Kids Debate may be just the beginning of a string of events that Brian will promote for kids who have societal and technological interests. With the network of support he has already garnered, he is sure to be a continued success. Find out more about Brian Sanchez at


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