Top Benefits of Sports for your Mental Health

We already know that sports are beneficial for our physical health, especially when we practice them since childhood. But there is still more good news; sports also positively affect the mental health of athletes. Let´s review 5 top benefits:

1. Sports improve your mood

Whether you are playing sports, working out at a gym, or taking a brisk walk, physical activity triggers brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. They also provide social benefits by allowing you to connect with teammates and friends in a recreational way.

2. Sports improve your concentration

Regular physical activity helps keep your key mental skills sharp as you age. This includes critical thinking, learning, and using good judgment.

3. Sports reduce stress and depression

When you are physically active, your mind is distracted from daily stressors, helping to reduce the levels of stress hormones in your body. At the same time, it stimulates production of endorphins which are natural mood lifters that can keep stress and depression at bay. Endorphins also leave athletes feeling more relaxed and optimistic after a hard workout.

4. Sports improve sleep habits

Sports and other forms of physical activity improve the quality of sleep. They do this by helping you fall asleep faster and deepening your sleep. Sleeping better improve your mental health, as well as improve your mood.

5. Sports help to develop leadership skills.

Team sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball are ideal to develop leadership skills. Because of the opportunity to train, try, win, or lose together, people involved in sports are naturally more inclined to adopt a “team mindset” in the workplace, school and other social activities, which leads to developing leadership qualities over time.

So, sports bring many benefits to our health which will be reflected in our physic and mental development.

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